Brite Minis

3d-printable Supportless Miniatures Catalogue

All models are designed to print without supports on a FDM 3D printer. You can get all of these by supporting me on Patreon or order printed models here

This catalog is still Work In Progress. Currently there are 570 items in the catalog.

Categories: | Goblinoids | PCs/NPCs | Soldiers | Undead | Dwarves | Monsters | Elves | Lizardfolk | Animals | Gnomes | Tieflings | Terrain | Kobolds | Gnolls | Machines | Halflings | Kenku | Dragonborn | Animalfolk | Napoleonic | WW2 | Sci-Fi-Terrain | Sci-Fi | Victorian | Ancient_Greece | | All |

Abd on Patreon
Aboleth on Patreon
Adventuress 2
"Adventuress 2
Adventuress 2 on Patreon
Air Elemental
"Air Elemental
Air Elemental on Patreon
Alice on ThingiverseAlice on Patreon
Amphisbaena on Patreon
Angel on Patreon
Animated armour
"Animated armour
Animated armour on Patreon
Ankheg on Patreon
Archer on ThingiverseArcher on Patreon
Ashigaru musketman 1
"Ashigaru musketman 1
Ashigaru musketman 1 on Patreon
Ashigaru musketman 2
"Ashigaru musketman 2
Ashigaru musketman 2 on ThingiverseAshigaru musketman 2 on Patreon
Ashigaru spearman 1
"Ashigaru spearman 1
Ashigaru spearman 1 on Patreon
Ashigaru spearman 2
"Ashigaru spearman 2
Ashigaru spearman 2 on Patreon
Badger ranger
"Badger ranger
Badger ranger on Patreon
Baker on Patreon
Baker fighting stance
"Baker fighting stance
Baker fighting stance on Patreon
Bandit archer
"Bandit archer
Bandit archer on Patreon
Bandit with axe
"Bandit with axe
Bandit with axe on Patreon
Bandit with spear
"Bandit with spear
Bandit with spear on ThingiverseBandit with spear on Patreon
Bandit with sword
"Bandit with sword
Bandit with sword on ThingiverseBandit with sword on Patreon
Banshee on Patreon
Barbarian Female
"Barbarian Female
Barbarian Female on Patreon
Barbarian dual wield
"Barbarian dual wield
Barbarian dual wield on Patreon
Barbarian dual wield mounted
"Barbarian dual wield mounted
Barbarian dual wield mounted on Patreon
Barbarian with sword
"Barbarian with sword
Barbarian with sword on Patreon
Bard on Patreon
Bard mounted
"Bard mounted
Bard mounted on ThingiverseBard mounted on Patreon
Barmaid on Patreon
Barrel on ThingiverseBarrel on Patreon
Battle Bishop
"Battle Bishop
Battle Bishop on Patreon
Battle Priest
"Battle Priest
Battle Priest on ThingiverseBattle Priest on Patreon
Bear on Patreon
Bear mount
"Bear mount
Bear mount on Patreon
Beetle digger
"Beetle digger
Beetle digger on Patreon
Beggar on ThingiverseBeggar on Patreon
Beggar in a cart
"Beggar in a cart
Beggar in a cart on Patreon
Beholder on Patreon
Beholder (Coronavirus)
"Beholder (Coronavirus)
Beholder (Coronavirus) on ThingiverseBeholder (Coronavirus) on Patreon
Big spider
"Big spider
Big spider on Patreon
Big spider
"Big spider
Big spider on Patreon
Blemmy with axe
"Blemmy with axe
Blemmy with axe on Patreon
Bloody remains
"Bloody remains
Bloody remains on ThingiverseBloody remains on Patreon
Boar on Patreon
Bookling on Patreon
Boy with javelin
"Boy with javelin
Boy with javelin on Patreon
Bread basket
"Bread basket
Bread basket on ThingiverseBread basket on Patreon
Broken capital
"Broken capital
Broken capital on Patreon
Broken cart
"Broken cart
Broken cart on Patreon
Broken tree
"Broken tree
Broken tree on ThingiverseBroken tree on Patreon
Bugbear with a club
"Bugbear with a club
Bugbear with a club on ThingiverseBugbear with a club on Patreon
Bugbear with an axe
"Bugbear with an axe
Bugbear with an axe on Patreon
Bunny on ThingiverseBunny on Patreon
Bunny_ghost on ThingiverseBunny_ghost on Patreon
Cannon with crew
"Cannon with crew
Cannon with crew on Patreon
Capybara scholar
"Capybara scholar
Capybara scholar on Patreon
Cat on Patreon
Cat on ThingiverseCat on Patreon
Catfolk archer
"Catfolk archer
Catfolk archer on Patreon
Catfolk with sword
"Catfolk with sword
Catfolk with sword on ThingiverseCatfolk with sword on Patreon
Centaur female with bow
"Centaur female with bow
Centaur female with bow on Patreon
Centaur male with spear
"Centaur male with spear
Centaur male with spear on Patreon
Centaur multipart
"Centaur multipart
Centaur multipart on Patreon
Chest on Patreon
Child mage
"Child mage
Child mage on Patreon
Chimera on Patreon
Chubby dragon
"Chubby dragon
Chubby dragon on MyMiniFactoryChubby dragon on MyMiniFactoryChubby dragon on Patreon
Clay Golem
"Clay Golem
Clay Golem on Patreon
Cleric female
"Cleric female
Cleric female on ThingiverseCleric female on Patreon
Cleric with flail
"Cleric with flail
Cleric with flail on Patreon
Cleric with mace
"Cleric with mace
Cleric with mace on ThingiverseCleric with mace on Patreon
Cloaked person
"Cloaked person
Cloaked person on MyMiniFactoryCloaked person on Patreon
Cocoon on Patreon
Computer on Patreon
Computer with desk
"Computer with desk
Computer with desk on ThingiverseComputer with desk on Patreon
Crate on ThingiverseCrate on Patreon
Crossbowman 2 Soldier
"Crossbowman 2 Soldier
Crossbowman 2 Soldier on ThingiverseCrossbowman 2 Soldier on Patreon
Crossbowman Ranger
"Crossbowman Ranger
Crossbowman Ranger on ThingiverseCrossbowman Ranger on Patreon
Crossbowman Ranger
"Crossbowman Ranger
Crossbowman Ranger on Patreon
Crossbowman Soldier
"Crossbowman Soldier
Crossbowman Soldier on Patreon
Crusader King
"Crusader King
Crusader King on Patreon
Cultist archer multipart
"Cultist archer multipart
Cultist archer multipart on Patreon
Cultist with knife
"Cultist with knife
Cultist with knife on Patreon
Cultist wizard multipart model
"Cultist wizard multipart model
Cultist wizard multipart model on Patreon
Cyclops on ThingiverseCyclops on Patreon
Cyclops with club
"Cyclops with club
Cyclops with club on Patreon
Dachshund on ThingiverseDachshund on Patreon
Dachshund Cerberus
"Dachshund Cerberus
Dachshund Cerberus on Patreon
Dais on Patreon
Dark Elf Sorcerer
"Dark Elf Sorcerer
Dark Elf Sorcerer on Patreon
Dark Elf Sorcerer LED
"Dark Elf Sorcerer LED
Dark Elf Sorcerer LED on ThingiverseDark Elf Sorcerer LED on Patreon
Dark Warrior
"Dark Warrior
Dark Warrior on MyMiniFactoryDark Warrior on Patreon
Dark Warrior 2
"Dark Warrior 2
Dark Warrior 2 on MyMiniFactoryDark Warrior 2 on Patreon
Dark Warrior 3
"Dark Warrior 3
Dark Warrior 3 on MyMiniFactoryDark Warrior 3 on Patreon
Dark Warrior 4
"Dark Warrior 4
Dark Warrior 4 on MyMiniFactoryDark Warrior 4 on Patreon
Dark Warrior Champion
"Dark Warrior Champion
Dark Warrior Champion on Patreon
Dark elf with sword
"Dark elf with sword
Dark elf with sword on Patreon
Dead Skeleton
"Dead Skeleton
Dead Skeleton on Patreon
Dead Skeleton
"Dead Skeleton
Dead Skeleton on Patreon
Dead horse
"Dead horse
Dead horse on Patreon
Demon on Patreon
Devil with pitchfork
"Devil with pitchfork
Devil with pitchfork on ThingiverseDevil with pitchfork on Patreon
Dinosaur Deinonychus
"Dinosaur Deinonychus
Dinosaur Deinonychus on Patreon
Dinosaur Deinonychus 2
"Dinosaur Deinonychus 2
Dinosaur Deinonychus 2 on Patreon
Dinosaur Dromaeosaurid mount
"Dinosaur Dromaeosaurid mount
Dinosaur Dromaeosaurid mount on Patreon
Djinni on Patreon
Doe on Patreon
Dog companion
"Dog companion
Dog companion on Patreon
Dog companion - Foxterrier
"Dog companion - Foxterrier
Dog companion - Foxterrier on ThingiverseDog companion - Foxterrier on Patreon
Doghead with spear
"Doghead with spear
Doghead with spear on Patreon
Doppelganger on Patreon
Dragon on Patreon
Dragon Egg
"Dragon Egg
Dragon Egg on Patreon
Dragon Egg hatching
"Dragon Egg hatching
Dragon Egg hatching on ThingiverseDragon Egg hatching on Patreon
Dragon baby
"Dragon baby
Dragon baby on Patreon
Dragonborn Paladin
"Dragonborn Paladin
Dragonborn Paladin on Patreon
Dragonborn with sword
"Dragonborn with sword
Dragonborn with sword on ThingiverseDragonborn with sword on Patreon
Dragonborn with sword 2
"Dragonborn with sword 2
Dragonborn with sword 2 on Patreon
Drake on Patreon
Drider on Patreon
Druid female
"Druid female
Druid female on ThingiverseDruid female on Patreon
Drummer on Patreon
Dryad on Patreon
Duckfolk with bow
"Duckfolk with bow
Duckfolk with bow on MyMiniFactoryDuckfolk with bow on MyMiniFactoryDuckfolk with bow on Patreon
Duckfolk with staff
"Duckfolk with staff
Duckfolk with staff on MyMiniFactoryDuckfolk with staff on MyMiniFactoryDuckfolk with staff on Patreon
Duckfolk with sword
"Duckfolk with sword
Duckfolk with sword on MyMiniFactoryDuckfolk with sword on MyMiniFactoryDuckfolk with sword on Patreon
Dwarf archer
"Dwarf archer
Dwarf archer  on Patreon
Dwarf archer 2
"Dwarf archer 2
Dwarf archer 2 on Patreon
Dwarf axeman
"Dwarf axeman
Dwarf axeman on ThingiverseDwarf axeman on Patreon
Dwarf bald with axe
"Dwarf bald with axe
Dwarf bald with axe on Patreon
Dwarf blacksmith
"Dwarf blacksmith
Dwarf blacksmith on Patreon
Dwarf cleric
"Dwarf cleric
Dwarf cleric on Patreon
Dwarf halberdier
"Dwarf halberdier
Dwarf halberdier on Patreon
Dwarf heavy armoured with axe
"Dwarf heavy armoured with axe
Dwarf heavy armoured with axe on Patreon
Dwarf maiden
"Dwarf maiden
Dwarf maiden on Patreon
Dwarf maiden with axe
"Dwarf maiden with axe
Dwarf maiden with axe on Patreon
Dwarf orc-slayer
"Dwarf orc-slayer
Dwarf orc-slayer on Patreon
Dwarf paladin
"Dwarf paladin
Dwarf paladin on ThingiverseDwarf paladin on Patreon
Dwarf porter
"Dwarf porter
Dwarf porter on ThingiverseDwarf porter on Patreon
Dwarf rifleman
"Dwarf rifleman
Dwarf rifleman on ThingiverseDwarf rifleman on Patreon
Dwarf swordsman
"Dwarf swordsman
Dwarf swordsman on Patreon
Dwarf with 2 axes
"Dwarf with 2 axes
Dwarf with 2 axes on Patreon
Dwarf with axe
"Dwarf with axe
Dwarf with axe on Patreon
Dwarf with minigun
"Dwarf with minigun
Dwarf with minigun on Patreon
Earth Elemental
"Earth Elemental
Earth Elemental on Patreon
Elf archer
"Elf archer
Elf archer on ThingiverseElf archer on Patreon
Elf archer 2
"Elf archer 2
Elf archer 2 on Patreon
Elf barmaid
"Elf barmaid
Elf barmaid on Patreon
Elf knight
"Elf knight
Elf knight on Patreon
Elf merchant
"Elf merchant
Elf merchant on Patreon
Elf warrior
"Elf warrior
Elf warrior on ThingiverseElf warrior on Patreon
Elite Saracen spearman
"Elite Saracen spearman
Elite Saracen spearman on ThingiverseElite Saracen spearman on Patreon
Elite Saracen swordsman
"Elite Saracen swordsman
Elite Saracen swordsman on Patreon
Emo wizard apprentice
"Emo wizard apprentice
Emo wizard apprentice on Patreon
Engineer/Explorer on ThingiverseEngineer/Explorer on Patreon
Ettercap on Patreon
Executioner on Patreon
Exosuit / Dreadnought
"Exosuit / Dreadnought
Exosuit / Dreadnought on Patreon
Fairy on ThingiverseFairy on Patreon
Fairy on Patreon
Fancy Gnome
"Fancy Gnome
Fancy Gnome on ThingiverseFancy Gnome on Patreon
Female Assasin
"Female Assasin
Female Assasin on Patreon
Female elf archer
"Female elf archer
Female elf archer on Patreon
Female elf mage
"Female elf mage
Female elf mage on ThingiverseFemale elf mage on Patreon
Female elf mercenary
"Female elf mercenary
Female elf mercenary on ThingiverseFemale elf mercenary on Patreon
Female elf minstrel
"Female elf minstrel
Female elf minstrel on Patreon
Female elf wizard
"Female elf wizard
Female elf wizard on Patreon
Female monk
"Female monk
Female monk on Patreon
Female sphinx
"Female sphinx
Female sphinx on Patreon
Fighter monk
"Fighter monk
Fighter monk on Patreon
Fire Daemon
"Fire Daemon
Fire Daemon on Patreon
Fire Elemental
"Fire Elemental
Fire Elemental on Patreon
Fire Giant
"Fire Giant
Fire Giant on Patreon
Fisherman on Patreon
Flameskull on Patreon
Flesh golem
"Flesh golem
Flesh golem on Patreon
Fountain on ThingiverseFountain on Patreon
French fusillier
"French fusillier
French fusillier  on Patreon
Frogfolk archer
"Frogfolk archer
Frogfolk archer on Patreon
Frogfolk shaman
"Frogfolk shaman
Frogfolk shaman on Patreon
Frogfolk with spear
"Frogfolk with spear
Frogfolk with spear on ThingiverseFrogfolk with spear on Patreon
Frogfolki with axe
"Frogfolki with axe
Frogfolki with axe on Patreon
Frograt on ThingiverseFrograt on Patreon
Frost Giant
"Frost Giant
Frost Giant on Patreon
Generic adventurer
"Generic adventurer
Generic adventurer on ThingiverseGeneric adventurer on Patreon
Generic adventuress
"Generic adventuress
Generic adventuress on Patreon
Gentleman / Industrialist
"Gentleman / Industrialist
Gentleman / Industrialist on Patreon
Ghost on ThingiverseGhost on Patreon
Ghost/Wraith with lantern
"Ghost/Wraith with lantern
Ghost/Wraith with lantern on Patreon
Ghoul on ThingiverseGhoul on Patreon
Ghoul 2
"Ghoul 2
Ghoul 2 on Patreon
Ghoul 3
"Ghoul 3
Ghoul 3 on Patreon
Giant on Patreon
Giant Bat
"Giant Bat
Giant Bat on Patreon
Giant Fly
"Giant Fly
Giant Fly on Patreon
Giant Spider
"Giant Spider
Giant Spider on Patreon
Giant centipede
"Giant centipede
Giant centipede on Patreon
Giant rat
"Giant rat
Giant rat on ThingiverseGiant rat on Patreon
Giant rat 2
"Giant rat 2
Giant rat 2 on Patreon
Girl with flite mounted
"Girl with flite mounted
Girl with flite mounted on Patreon
Girl with flute
"Girl with flute
Girl with flute on Patreon
Gnoll archer
"Gnoll archer
Gnoll archer on Patreon
Gnoll drummer
"Gnoll drummer
Gnoll drummer on Patreon
Gnoll shaman
"Gnoll shaman
Gnoll shaman on Patreon
Gnoll with axe
"Gnoll with axe
Gnoll with axe on ThingiverseGnoll with axe on Patreon
Gnoll with morningstar
"Gnoll with morningstar
Gnoll with morningstar on Patreon
Gnome female mage
"Gnome female mage
Gnome female mage on Patreon
Gnome female with hammer
"Gnome female with hammer
Gnome female with hammer on ThingiverseGnome female with hammer on Patreon
Gnome with crossbow
"Gnome with crossbow
Gnome with crossbow on Patreon
Goat on Patreon
Goblin 2 with sabre
"Goblin 2 with sabre
Goblin 2 with sabre on ThingiverseGoblin 2 with sabre on MyMiniFactoryGoblin 2 with sabre on Patreon
Goblin 3
"Goblin 3
Goblin 3 on ThingiverseGoblin 3 on MyMiniFactoryGoblin 3 on Patreon
Goblin 4
"Goblin 4
Goblin 4 on Patreon
Goblin Warlock
"Goblin Warlock
Goblin Warlock on Patreon
Goblin archer
"Goblin archer
Goblin archer on ThingiverseGoblin archer on MyMiniFactoryGoblin archer on Patreon
Goblin archer 2
"Goblin archer 2
Goblin archer 2 on ThingiverseGoblin archer 2 on MyMiniFactoryGoblin archer 2 on Patreon
Goblin archer 3
"Goblin archer 3
Goblin archer 3 on Patreon
Goblin jester
"Goblin jester
Goblin jester on ThingiverseGoblin jester on Patreon
Goblin slinger
"Goblin slinger
Goblin slinger on ThingiverseGoblin slinger on Patreon
Goblin slinger 2
"Goblin slinger 2
Goblin slinger 2 on Patreon
Goblin trumpeter
"Goblin trumpeter
Goblin trumpeter on Patreon
Goblin with sabre
"Goblin with sabre
Goblin with sabre on ThingiverseGoblin with sabre on MyMiniFactoryGoblin with sabre on Patreon
Goliath with axe
"Goliath with axe
Goliath with axe on Patreon
Gorilla on Patreon
Grave digger / undertaker
"Grave digger / undertaker
Grave digger / undertaker on Patreon
Greek hero with sword
"Greek hero with sword
Greek hero with sword on Patreon
Green dragon
"Green dragon
Green dragon on Patreon
Grick on Patreon
Grim reaper
"Grim reaper
Grim reaper on ThingiverseGrim reaper on Patreon
Grim reaper mounted
"Grim reaper mounted
Grim reaper mounted on Patreon
Guard with halberd
"Guard with halberd
Guard with halberd on ThingiverseGuard with halberd on Patreon
Guard with spear
"Guard with spear
Guard with spear on Patreon
Hag on Patreon
Halberdier on ThingiverseHalberdier on MyMiniFactoryHalberdier on Patreon
Halberdier 2
"Halberdier 2
Halberdier 2 on ThingiverseHalberdier 2 on MyMiniFactoryHalberdier 2 on Patreon
Halberdier 3
"Halberdier 3
Halberdier 3 on ThingiverseHalberdier 3 on MyMiniFactoryHalberdier 3 on Patreon
Halberdier with open visor
"Halberdier with open visor
Halberdier with open visor on Patreon
Half-elf female archer
"Half-elf female archer
Half-elf female archer on Patreon
Half-orc bard
"Half-orc bard
Half-orc bard on Patreon
Half-orc female cleric
"Half-orc female cleric
Half-orc female cleric on Patreon
Half-orc female ranger
"Half-orc female ranger
Half-orc female ranger on ThingiverseHalf-orc female ranger on Patreon
Half-orc pirate
"Half-orc pirate
Half-orc pirate on Patreon
Half-orc ranger
"Half-orc ranger
Half-orc ranger on Patreon
Halfling barber on a stool
"Halfling barber on a stool
Halfling barber on a stool on Patreon
Halfling butcher
"Halfling butcher
Halfling butcher on Patreon
Halfling farmer
"Halfling farmer
Halfling farmer on Patreon
Halfling pirate
"Halfling pirate
Halfling pirate on Patreon
Halfling wanderer
"Halfling wanderer
Halfling wanderer on ThingiverseHalfling wanderer on Patreon
Halfling with sword
"Halfling with sword
Halfling with sword on Patreon
Halloween skeletons pack
"Halloween skeletons pack
Halloween skeletons pack on Patreon
Harpy on ThingiverseHarpy on Patreon
Harpy 2
"Harpy 2
Harpy 2 on Patreon
Highwayman with blunderbuss
"Highwayman with blunderbuss
Highwayman with blunderbuss on ThingiverseHighwayman with blunderbuss on Patreon
Hireling drinker
"Hireling drinker
Hireling drinker on Patreon
Hireling with chest
"Hireling with chest
Hireling with chest on Patreon
Hireling with sword
"Hireling with sword
Hireling with sword on Patreon
Hireling with torch
"Hireling with torch
Hireling with torch on ThingiverseHireling with torch on Patreon
Hireling with torch
"Hireling with torch
Hireling with torch on ThingiverseHireling with torch on Patreon
Hobgoblin with crossbow
"Hobgoblin with crossbow
Hobgoblin with crossbow on Patreon
Hobgoblin with crossbow 2
"Hobgoblin with crossbow 2
Hobgoblin with crossbow 2 on ThingiverseHobgoblin with crossbow 2 on Patreon
Hobgoblin with spear
"Hobgoblin with spear
Hobgoblin with spear on ThingiverseHobgoblin with spear on Patreon
Hobgoblin with spear/halberd
"Hobgoblin with spear/halberd
Hobgoblin with spear/halberd on ThingiverseHobgoblin with spear/halberd on Patreon
Hobgoblin with sword
"Hobgoblin with sword
Hobgoblin with sword on Patreon
Hobgoblin with sword 2
"Hobgoblin with sword 2
Hobgoblin with sword 2 on Patreon
Hooded Stranger
"Hooded Stranger
Hooded Stranger on ThingiverseHooded Stranger on Patreon
Hoplite with spear
"Hoplite with spear
Hoplite with spear on Patreon
Hoplite with spear 2
"Hoplite with spear 2
Hoplite with spear 2 on Patreon
Hoplite with spear 3
"Hoplite with spear 3
Hoplite with spear 3 on Patreon
Hoplite with sword
"Hoplite with sword
Hoplite with sword on Patreon
Hornblower on ThingiverseHornblower on Patreon
Horse on Patreon
Horse 2
"Horse 2
Horse 2 on Patreon
Horse 2 with grass
"Horse 2 with grass
Horse 2 with grass on Patreon
Horse 3 with caparison
"Horse 3 with caparison
Horse 3 with caparison on Patreon
Horse with caparison
"Horse with caparison
Horse with caparison on Patreon
Horse with caparison 2
"Horse with caparison 2
Horse with caparison 2 on Patreon
Human Corpses
"Human Corpses
Human Corpses on ThingiverseHuman Corpses on Patreon
Imp on Patreon
Imp horny
"Imp horny
Imp horny on ThingiverseImp horny on Patreon
Infantry soldier
"Infantry soldier
Infantry soldier on Patreon
Innkeeper on Patreon
Insect warrior with halberd
"Insect warrior with halberd
Insect warrior with halberd on Patreon
Investigator on Patreon
Jabberwocky on Patreon
Kenku druid
"Kenku druid
Kenku druid on Patreon
Kenku ranger
"Kenku ranger
Kenku ranger on Patreon
Kenku rogue
"Kenku rogue
Kenku rogue on Patreon
Kenku ruffian
"Kenku ruffian
Kenku ruffian on Patreon
King Jagiello
"King Jagiello
King Jagiello on ThingiverseKing Jagiello on Patreon
King Jagiello in armour
"King Jagiello in armour
King Jagiello in armour on Patreon
King on a throne
"King on a throne
King on a throne on Patreon
Kitteh on Patreon
Knight full plate armour
"Knight full plate armour
Knight full plate armour on Patreon
Knight with pigface helmet
"Knight with pigface helmet
Knight with pigface helmet on Patreon
Knight with pigface helmet 2
"Knight with pigface helmet 2
Knight with pigface helmet 2 on ThingiverseKnight with pigface helmet 2 on Patreon
Kobold archer
"Kobold archer
Kobold archer on MyMiniFactoryKobold archer on Patreon
Kobold bard with hurdy-gurdy
"Kobold bard with hurdy-gurdy
Kobold bard with hurdy-gurdy on Patreon
Kobold warlock
"Kobold warlock
Kobold warlock on MyMiniFactoryKobold warlock on Patreon
Kobold with pickaxe
"Kobold with pickaxe
Kobold with pickaxe on ThingiverseKobold with pickaxe on Patreon
Kobold with spear
"Kobold with spear
Kobold with spear on MyMiniFactoryKobold with spear on Patreon
Krampus on Patreon
Lantern bearer / Town guard
"Lantern bearer / Town guard
Lantern bearer / Town guard on Patreon
Lich on Patreon
Lich LED version
"Lich LED version
Lich LED version on Patreon
Lion statue
"Lion statue
Lion statue on ThingiverseLion statue on Patreon
Lizard on Patreon
Lizard frilled
"Lizard frilled
Lizard frilled on Patreon
Lizard mount
"Lizard mount
Lizard mount on Patreon
Lizardman alchemist
"Lizardman alchemist
Lizardman alchemist on Patreon
Lizardman hooded
"Lizardman hooded
Lizardman hooded on Patreon
Lizardman mage
"Lizardman mage
Lizardman mage on Patreon
Lizardman ranger
"Lizardman ranger
Lizardman ranger on ThingiverseLizardman ranger on Patreon
Lizardman with javelin
"Lizardman with javelin
Lizardman with javelin on ThingiverseLizardman with javelin on Patreon
Lizardman with javelin mounted
"Lizardman with javelin mounted
Lizardman with javelin mounted on Patreon
Lizardman with spear
"Lizardman with spear
Lizardman with spear on Patreon
Lizardman with sword
"Lizardman with sword
Lizardman with sword on ThingiverseLizardman with sword on Patreon
Lumberjack on ThingiverseLumberjack on Patreon
Man at arms with mace
"Man at arms with mace
Man at arms with mace on Patreon
Man at arms with sword
"Man at arms with sword
Man at arms with sword on Patreon
Man at arms with sword 2
"Man at arms with sword 2
Man at arms with sword 2 on Patreon
Matron on Patreon
Mechanical owl
"Mechanical owl
Mechanical owl on Patreon
Medic on ThingiverseMedic on Patreon
Medusa on Patreon
Mephit on Patreon
Merchant on ThingiverseMerchant on Patreon
Mermaid on ThingiverseMermaid on Patreon
Merman on Patreon
Merman on Patreon
Mind Flayer
"Mind Flayer
Mind Flayer on Patreon
Minotaur on Patreon
Monk on Patreon
Monopod archer
"Monopod archer
Monopod archer on Patreon
Mounted Elite Saracen lancer
"Mounted Elite Saracen lancer
Mounted Elite Saracen lancer on Patreon
Mounted female elf archer
"Mounted female elf archer
Mounted female elf archer on Patreon
Mounted goblin warlock
"Mounted goblin warlock
Mounted goblin warlock on Patreon
Mounted half-orc archer
"Mounted half-orc archer
Mounted half-orc archer on Patreon
Mounted halfling shepherd
"Mounted halfling shepherd
Mounted halfling shepherd on Patreon
Mounted knight
"Mounted knight
Mounted knight on Patreon
Mounted orc archer
"Mounted orc archer
Mounted orc archer on Patreon
Mounted orc archer 2
"Mounted orc archer 2
Mounted orc archer 2 on Patreon
Mounted orc with axe
"Mounted orc with axe
Mounted orc with axe on Patreon
Mounted orc with scimitar
"Mounted orc with scimitar
Mounted orc with scimitar on Patreon
Mounted ranger
"Mounted ranger
Mounted ranger on Patreon
Mounted ranger
"Mounted ranger
Mounted ranger on Patreon
Mounted skeleton spearman
"Mounted skeleton spearman
Mounted skeleton spearman on Patreon
Mounted skeleton with sword
"Mounted skeleton with sword
Mounted skeleton with sword on Patreon
Mrs Santa
"Mrs Santa
Mrs Santa on ThingiverseMrs Santa on Patreon
Mummy multipart
"Mummy multipart
Mummy multipart on Patreon
Musketman on Patreon
Musketman 2
"Musketman 2
Musketman 2 on Patreon
Musketman 3
"Musketman 3
Musketman 3 on Patreon
Musketman 4
"Musketman 4
Musketman 4 on Patreon
Naiad on Patreon
Necromancer on ThingiverseNecromancer on Patreon
Needle blight
"Needle blight
Needle blight on Patreon
Newsboy on Patreon
Norse axeman
"Norse axeman
Norse axeman on Patreon
Norse maiden
"Norse maiden
Norse maiden on Patreon
Norse maiden 2
"Norse maiden 2
Norse maiden 2 on ThingiverseNorse maiden 2 on Patreon
Nothic on ThingiverseNothic on Patreon
Notice board
"Notice board
Notice board on Patreon
Nun on Patreon
Nun archer
"Nun archer
Nun archer on Patreon
Nun with morningstar/flail
"Nun with morningstar/flail
Nun with morningstar/flail on Patreon
Nun with sword
"Nun with sword
Nun with sword on Patreon
Ogre on ThingiverseOgre on Patreon
Ogre 2
"Ogre 2
Ogre 2 on Patreon
Ogre mercenary
"Ogre mercenary
Ogre mercenary on Patreon
Old bard
"Old bard
Old bard on ThingiverseOld bard on Patreon
Old man
"Old man
Old man on ThingiverseOld man on Patreon
Old wizard
"Old wizard
Old wizard on Patreon
Onager on Patreon
Oni with club
"Oni with club
Oni with club on Patreon
Opossum druid
"Opossum druid
Opossum druid on Patreon
Orc archer
"Orc archer
Orc archer on ThingiverseOrc archer on Patreon
Orc archer 2
"Orc archer 2
Orc archer 2 on Patreon
Orc corpses
"Orc corpses
Orc corpses on ThingiverseOrc corpses on Patreon
Orc shaman
"Orc shaman
Orc shaman on Patreon
Orc with axe
"Orc with axe
Orc with axe on Patreon
Orc with scimitar
"Orc with scimitar
Orc with scimitar on Patreon
Orc with spear
"Orc with spear
Orc with spear on ThingiverseOrc with spear on Patreon
Oriental Priestess
"Oriental Priestess
Oriental Priestess on Patreon
Oriental dancer
"Oriental dancer
Oriental dancer on ThingiverseOriental dancer on Patreon
Oriental female warrior
"Oriental female warrior
Oriental female warrior on Patreon
Owl on Patreon
Owl on a shrub
"Owl on a shrub
Owl on a shrub on Patreon
Owlbear on Patreon
Paladin crusader
"Paladin crusader
Paladin crusader on ThingiversePaladin crusader on Patreon
Paladin female
"Paladin female
Paladin female on Patreon
Peasant spearman
"Peasant spearman
Peasant spearman on Patreon
Pegasus on Patreon
Pegasus mount
"Pegasus mount
Pegasus mount on Patreon
Pentagram stone circle
"Pentagram stone circle
Pentagram stone circle on ThingiversePentagram stone circle on Patreon
Phrygian with spear
"Phrygian with spear
Phrygian with spear on Patreon
Phrygian with sword
"Phrygian with sword
Phrygian with sword on Patreon
Pig-face orc Shaman
"Pig-face orc Shaman
Pig-face orc Shaman on Patreon
Pig-face orc archer
"Pig-face orc archer
Pig-face orc archer on Patreon
Pig-face orc heavy armor
"Pig-face orc heavy armor
Pig-face orc heavy armor on Patreon
Pig-face orc with halberd
"Pig-face orc with halberd
Pig-face orc with halberd on Patreon
Pig-face orc with sword
"Pig-face orc with sword
Pig-face orc with sword on Patreon
Pig-faced orc with mace
"Pig-faced orc with mace
Pig-faced orc with mace on Patreon
Pirate 1
"Pirate 1
Pirate 1 on ThingiversePirate 1 on Patreon
Pirate 2 female
"Pirate 2 female
Pirate 2 female on Patreon
Pirate 3
"Pirate 3
Pirate 3 on Patreon
Pirate 4
"Pirate 4
Pirate 4 on Patreon
Pirate drinking
"Pirate drinking
Pirate drinking on Patreon
Pit Fiend
"Pit Fiend
Pit Fiend on Patreon
Plague doctor
"Plague doctor
Plague doctor on Patreon
Polo Noseblower
"Polo Noseblower
Polo Noseblower on Patreon
Prophet on Patreon
Purple worm
"Purple worm
Purple worm on Patreon
Putler on ThingiversePutler on Patreon
Rabbitfolk with egg
"Rabbitfolk with egg
Rabbitfolk with egg on Patreon
Rabbitfolk with egg 2
"Rabbitfolk with egg 2
Rabbitfolk with egg 2 on Patreon
Ram on Patreon
Ranger archer
"Ranger archer
Ranger archer on ThingiverseRanger archer on Patreon
Ranger female
"Ranger female
Ranger female on Patreon
Rat catcher
"Rat catcher
Rat catcher on ThingiverseRat catcher on Patreon
Ratfolk archer
"Ratfolk archer
Ratfolk archer on Patreon
Ratfolk assasin
"Ratfolk assasin
Ratfolk assasin on Patreon
Ratfolk beggar
"Ratfolk beggar
Ratfolk beggar on Patreon
Ratfolk female archer
"Ratfolk female archer
Ratfolk female archer on Patreon
Ratfolk spearman
"Ratfolk spearman
Ratfolk spearman on Patreon
Resistance fighter
"Resistance fighter
Resistance fighter on Patreon
Resistance fighter kneeling
"Resistance fighter kneeling
Resistance fighter kneeling on Patreon
Rogue on Patreon
Ron von Schwansohn
"Ron von Schwansohn
Ron von Schwansohn on ThingiverseRon von Schwansohn on Patreon
Ropes on ThingiverseRopes on Patreon
Ruined tower
"Ruined tower
Ruined tower on MyMiniFactoryRuined tower on MyMiniFactoryRuined tower on Patreon
Sahuagin on Patreon
Sahuagin 2
"Sahuagin 2
Sahuagin 2 on Patreon
Samurai on ThingiverseSamurai on Patreon
Samurai 2
"Samurai 2
Samurai 2 on Patreon
Samurai in armor
"Samurai in armor
Samurai in armor on ThingiverseSamurai in armor on Patreon
Samurai in armor 2
"Samurai in armor 2
Samurai in armor 2 on Patreon
Santa/traveler on ThingiverseSanta/traveler on Patreon
Saracen on ThingiverseSaracen on Patreon
Saracen 2
"Saracen 2
Saracen 2 on Patreon
Saracen Wizard
"Saracen Wizard
Saracen Wizard on Patreon
Saracen archer
"Saracen archer
Saracen archer on Patreon
Saracen archer 2
"Saracen archer 2
Saracen archer 2 on ThingiverseSaracen archer 2 on Patreon
Saracen elite spearman 2
"Saracen elite spearman 2
Saracen elite spearman 2 on Patreon
Saracen spearman
"Saracen spearman
Saracen spearman on ThingiverseSaracen spearman on Patreon
Saracen spearman on scorpion
"Saracen spearman on scorpion
Saracen spearman on scorpion on Patreon
Satyr on Patreon
Sausage mount
"Sausage mount
Sausage mount on ThingiverseSausage mount on Patreon
Scary Scarecrow
"Scary Scarecrow
Scary Scarecrow on Patreon
Scorpion on Patreon
Shambling mound
"Shambling mound
Shambling mound on Patreon
Sheep on ThingiverseSheep on Patreon
Shrub on Patreon
Signpost on Patreon
Sir Bedevere
"Sir Bedevere
Sir Bedevere on ThingiverseSir Bedevere on Patreon
Skeleton Dwarf
"Skeleton Dwarf
Skeleton Dwarf on Patreon
Skeleton Dwarf
"Skeleton Dwarf
Skeleton Dwarf on Patreon
Skeleton Orc
"Skeleton Orc
Skeleton Orc on Patreon
Skeleton Orc 2
"Skeleton Orc 2
Skeleton Orc 2 on Patreon
Skeleton archer
"Skeleton archer
Skeleton archer on ThingiverseSkeleton archer on Patreon
Skeleton archer 2
"Skeleton archer 2
Skeleton archer 2 on Patreon
Skeleton bookstand / familiar
"Skeleton bookstand / familiar
Skeleton bookstand / familiar on Patreon
Skeleton musician
"Skeleton musician
Skeleton musician on Patreon
Skeleton remains
"Skeleton remains
Skeleton remains on ThingiverseSkeleton remains on Patreon
Skeleton spearman
"Skeleton spearman
Skeleton spearman on Patreon
Skeleton with axe 3
"Skeleton with axe 3
Skeleton with axe 3 on Patreon
Skeleton with sword
"Skeleton with sword
Skeleton with sword on Patreon
Small stall
"Small stall
Small stall on Patreon
Small stone bridge
"Small stone bridge
Small stone bridge on Patreon
Smith on Patreon
Snake female
"Snake female
Snake female on Patreon
Snowman 1
"Snowman 1
Snowman 1 on ThingiverseSnowman 1 on Patreon
Snowman 2
"Snowman 2
Snowman 2 on Patreon
Soviet infantry
"Soviet infantry
Soviet infantry on Patreon
Space Adventuress
"Space Adventuress
Space Adventuress on Patreon
Space Alien
"Space Alien
Space Alien on ThingiverseSpace Alien on Patreon
Space Dwarf with Pistol
"Space Dwarf with Pistol
Space Dwarf with Pistol on Patreon
Space Guard
"Space Guard
Space Guard on Patreon
Space Guard 2
"Space Guard 2
Space Guard 2 on Patreon
Space Guard Heavy
"Space Guard Heavy
Space Guard Heavy on Patreon
Space Halfling
"Space Halfling
Space Halfling on Patreon
Space Knight with electrolance
"Space Knight with electrolance
Space Knight with electrolance on Patreon
Space Reptilian with machinegun
"Space Reptilian with machinegun
Space Reptilian with machinegun on Patreon
Space Reptilian with pistol
"Space Reptilian with pistol
Space Reptilian with pistol on Patreon
Space Reptilian with rifle
"Space Reptilian with rifle
Space Reptilian with rifle on Patreon
Space Walker
"Space Walker
Space Walker on Patreon
Space dwarf with minigun
"Space dwarf with minigun
Space dwarf with minigun on Patreon
Space robot detective
"Space robot detective
Space robot detective on Patreon
Space robot wizard
"Space robot wizard
Space robot wizard on Patreon
Spearman on Patreon
Spearman captain
"Spearman captain
Spearman captain on Patreon
Spearman mounted
"Spearman mounted
Spearman mounted on Patreon
Spider Eggs
"Spider Eggs
Spider Eggs on Patreon
Spring pond
"Spring pond
Spring pond on Patreon
Squire/Hireling on Patreon
Standard bearer
"Standard bearer
Standard bearer on Patreon
Stirge on Patreon
Stirge on ThingiverseStirge on Patreon
Storm Giant
"Storm Giant
Storm Giant on Patreon
Streetlamp on ThingiverseStreetlamp on Patreon
Sufragette on Patreon
Suit of armour
"Suit of armour
Suit of armour on ThingiverseSuit of armour on Patreon
Sultan on ThingiverseSultan on Patreon
Tanuki wizard
"Tanuki wizard
Tanuki wizard on Patreon
Tax collector
"Tax collector
Tax collector on Patreon
Thief on ThingiverseThief on Patreon
Throne on Patreon
Thug on ThingiverseThug on Patreon
Tiefling female mage
"Tiefling female mage
Tiefling female mage on Patreon
Tiefling female with sword
"Tiefling female with sword
Tiefling female with sword on ThingiverseTiefling female with sword on Patreon
Tiefling thief
"Tiefling thief
Tiefling thief on Patreon
Tomb on Patreon
Tombs  on Patreon
Tombstone on Patreon
Tortle on Patreon
Tortle child
"Tortle child
Tortle child on ThingiverseTortle child on Patreon
Tortle with bow
"Tortle with bow
Tortle with bow on Patreon
Tortle with spear
"Tortle with spear
Tortle with spear on Patreon
Totem on ThingiverseTotem on Patreon
Town guard
"Town guard
Town guard on Patreon
Townsfolk tradeswoman
"Townsfolk tradeswoman
Townsfolk tradeswoman on Patreon
Tree on Patreon
Tree stump mimic
"Tree stump mimic
Tree stump mimic on ThingiverseTree stump mimic on Patreon
Treeman on Patreon
Troll on MyMiniFactoryTroll on MyMiniFactoryTroll on Patreon
Troll 3
"Troll 3
Troll 3 on Patreon
Troll multipart
"Troll multipart
Troll multipart on Patreon
Trurl and Klapaucius
"Trurl and Klapaucius
Trurl and Klapaucius on ThingiverseTrurl and Klapaucius on Patreon
Twig blight
"Twig blight
Twig blight on Patreon
US infantry
"US infantry
US infantry on ThingiverseUS infantry on Patreon
Undead horse
"Undead horse
Undead horse on Patreon
Urchin on ThingiverseUrchin on Patreon
Valve / control board
"Valve / control board
Valve / control board on Patreon
Vampire on Patreon
Vampire Nosferatu
"Vampire Nosferatu
Vampire Nosferatu on Patreon
Vampire modular model
"Vampire modular model
Vampire modular model on Patreon
Vampire multipart model
"Vampire multipart model
Vampire multipart model on Patreon
Vampire sleeping
"Vampire sleeping
Vampire sleeping on ThingiverseVampire sleeping on Patreon
Villager on Patreon
Villager running
"Villager running
Villager running on Patreon
Vine blight
"Vine blight
Vine blight on Patreon
Warforged on Patreon
Warforged multipart
"Warforged multipart
Warforged multipart on Patreon
Warrior Maiden
"Warrior Maiden
Warrior Maiden on ThingiverseWarrior Maiden on Patreon
Water Elemental
"Water Elemental
Water Elemental on Patreon
Wehrmacht infantry
"Wehrmacht infantry
Wehrmacht infantry on Patreon
Wehrmacht infantry 2
"Wehrmacht infantry 2
Wehrmacht infantry 2 on Patreon
Wehrmacht officer
"Wehrmacht officer
Wehrmacht officer on Patreon
Werebat on Patreon
Wereshark on Patreon
Werewolf on Patreon
Wicker fence
"Wicker fence
Wicker fence on ThingiverseWicker fence on Patreon
Witch Hunter
"Witch Hunter
Witch Hunter on ThingiverseWitch Hunter on Patreon
Witch Hunter multipart
"Witch Hunter multipart
Witch Hunter multipart on Patreon
Witch Huntress
"Witch Huntress
Witch Huntress on Patreon
Wolf on Patreon
Wolffolk with spear
"Wolffolk with spear
Wolffolk with spear on Patreon
Wolfrib helmet knight
"Wolfrib helmet knight
Wolfrib helmet knight on Patreon
Wolfrib helmet knight 2
"Wolfrib helmet knight 2
Wolfrib helmet knight 2 on ThingiverseWolfrib helmet knight 2 on Patreon
Wraith on Patreon
Wraith with Halberd
"Wraith with Halberd
Wraith with Halberd on Patreon
Wyvern skeleton
"Wyvern skeleton
Wyvern skeleton on Patreon
Yet another knight
"Yet another knight
Yet another knight on ThingiverseYet another knight on Patreon
Yuan-ti with bow
"Yuan-ti with bow
Yuan-ti with bow on Patreon
Yuan-ti with halberd
"Yuan-ti with halberd
Yuan-ti with halberd on ThingiverseYuan-ti with halberd on Patreon
Zombie 1
"Zombie 1
Zombie 1 on ThingiverseZombie 1 on Patreon
Zombie 2
"Zombie 2
Zombie 2 on Patreon
Zombie 3
"Zombie 3
Zombie 3 on Patreon
dyabol on Patreon
female dark elf with swords
"female dark elf with swords
female dark elf with swords on Patreon

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